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With extensive experience in social marketing media, we have created and implemented a profitable system for you, when real and active Twitter users for money subscribe to your account, make re-tweets. We closely monitor and regularly check on the activity of all the accounts and the realness of the people that we cooperate with. And it leaves you with only the most worthy of a real auditorium of Twitter bloggers, whose attention we sell to you. 

The army of Twitter fans for a reasonable fee

For a reasonable fee you get your own personal army of fans on Twitter, which raise the ranking of your blog! Yet, and we do have potential customers for your business, it's all real people who earn on the social networks, they have money and they might need the product or service that you are promoting through your Twitter blog. Pay now available amount for promotions on Twitter and you'll get a spotlight aimed at your internet business, you will be watched by thousands and hundreds of thousands of watchful eyes! Your words would listen, your name, your brand would remember and would spread around by a word of mouth, your services, products would buy, and they would tell about you to friends and acquaintances. 

Such "performance" has always a positive impact on the business and the funds invested in the "rent scene" on the Twitter social network quickly will come back to you with a large percentage of profits. All other Twitter users can be sure that if thousands of people have already liked your blog, then it means that I pay attention to this blog too, carefully read it, view, sign up and make a re-tweet! 

We work around the clock and seven days a week. And your internet business too will be repaid around the clock and seven days a week!

Facebook - All Services

Product name Price Min Max Status Description
FB Promotion Package $1.4 per 100 100 4000  Working [Likes+Share+Comments] after each of your publication
FB Fan Page Likes $7.5 per 500 500 50000  Working International, Europe, USA, France, Italy, Middle East, America
FB Post Likes $1.6 per 100 100 2000  Working Eastern Europe, South and North America
FB Post Share $0 per 0 0 0  Unavailable www, Eastern Europe
FB Comments $5.5 per 10 10 250  Working Thematic comments !
FB Video Views $7.5 per 5000 5000 100000  Working High-quality long video views
FB Five Stars Raiting $2.5 per 25 25 1000  Working Positive reviews from real people.
FB Event Join $1.9 per 100 100 10000  Working Real people,lowest price and fast, safe execution.
FB Add Friends $1.9 per 100 100 2500  Working Only for profiles [ www, Estern Europe ] [ Men, Women ]
FB Followers $9.75 per 250 250 2500  Working Only for profiles. Real people with active profiles.
FB Website Likes $1 per 100 100 50000  Working We are selling Likes for sites only from 100% real, active users!
FB Custom Comments $3.25 per 5 5 100  Working You give us the text of comments. Only for fan of pages.

Youtube - All Services

Product name Price Min Max Status Description
Youtube Combo $3.9 per 1000 1000 100000  Working [Views + Likes + Comments + Subscribers] for your videos
Youtube Comments $7 per 10 10 50  Working + Free viewings for your video
Youtube Views $3.9 per 1000 1000 50000  Working Real people + the Long View.
Youtube Likes/Unlikes $2.5 per 100 100 1500  Working Absolutely real and alive Likes/DisLikes. Our Likes will not go away.
Youtube Shares $1 per 100 100 10000  Working Quickly share with friends, subscribers on the social page
Youtube Subscribers $28 per 80 80 500  Working Real people, they are subscribers for commercial reasons

Twitter - All Services

Product name Price Min Max Status Description
Twitter Retweets $1 per 100 100 10000  Working
Twitter Followers $1 per 100 100 50000  Working
Twitter Favorites $1 per 100 100 10000  Working

Instagram - All Services

Product name Price Min Max Status Description
Instagram Promotion Package $0.25 per 50 50 10000  Working Instant likes + comments after each publication
Instagram Followers $1.6 per 100 100 10000  Working www, Middle East,Russia, Japan, Turkey ...
Instagram Likes $1.38 per 250 250 10000  Working Instant likes [ 24 / 7 ] New option - delivery time.
Instagram Video Views $1.2 per 250 250 50000  Working [ New ] We sell only the views of real people!
Instagram Comments $3 per 10 10 150  Working Random positive comments
Instagram Custom Comments $2 per 5 5 50  Working You give us the text of comments

Soundcloud - All Services

Product name Price Min Max Status Description
Soundcloud Plays $2 per 1000 1000 100000  Working
Soundcloud Downloads $2 per 1000 1000 100000  Working
Soundcloud Likes $2 per 100 100 10000  Working
Soundcloud Followers $1.7 per 100 100 2000  Working
Soundcloud Comments $4 per 20 20 100  Working

Website - All Services

Product name Price Min Max Status Description
Website Traffic $1.5 per 1000 1000 3000  Working SEO tool to boost your website in Google.

LinkedIn - All Services

Product name Price Min Max Status Description
Linkedin Likes $0 per 0 0 0  Unavailable
Linkedin Post Views $1.5 per 1000 1000 500000  Working
Linkedin Followers $0 per 0 0 0  Unavailable